Tears of a Machine (1st Edition)

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A game of giant robots and the teenagers who pilot them.

Tears of a Machine is a tabletop story game (or Role Playing Game) inspired by mecha anime shows and giant robot movies. Playing the character of a young pilot, you’ll be connected to a SAInt, a robot crusader with a dangerous will of its own and sent to fight alien raiders and monstrous war machines.

Tears of a Machine

A game of Tears of a Machine is about the characters first. The rules of the game are tuned to create stories about the pilot’s hopes, dreams, and fears. A pilot’s ego can turn failure into success or mire a pilot in depression. What happens in the classroom or at the diner is just as important for a pilot as what happens on the battlefield.


Fast-paced combat, unrequited romances, dangerous alien technology, brutal robot foes, a secret society of zealot scientists, teamwork against overwhelming odds, and evenings spent goofing off at the video arcade. Get together with your friends and share the joy and pain and wonder and cry your eyes out at the controls of a giant robot.

Tears Mural

Get the Book!

Purchase the PDF or order a Print-on-Demand copy from the OneBookShelf sites RPGNow and Drive Thru RPG.

Accessibility Matters!

Games of imagination shouldn’t be kept behind the barrier of print. In the spirit of outreach for gamers with print disabilities and learning differences, Tears of a Machine is freely available in accessible audiobook formats:

Download Tears of a Machine as a DAISY 2.0 digital talking book.

Download Tears of a Machine as an ePub 3 ebook with synchronized text and audio playback.

If you need compatible playback software, Amis is a free application for playing DAISY Digital Talking Books and Readium is a free browser extension for Google Chrome that will manage and play back ePub 3 titles.

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